Kabutocho Project

The question: “what drives a city” has always been something we constantly ask ourselves. In order to find the best answer to this question, we have been observing cities, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Kabutocho Project

We were able to realise many different insights; that things serendipitously happen in different countries at the same time without any connection, that there is a strong relationship between culture and economy, and that we as a brand are more interested and inspired by things that are small-scale in nature.

The role we play in Nihonbashi, Kabutocho, is to make hypotheses based on these insights, and then using our skills, we apply them. Charles de Gaulle said that culture rules everything, but we want to create a situation in the city where cultural values always outweigh economic logic.

After opening K5 (Hotel K5, restaurant caveman, wine bar caveman, coffee stand Switch coffee, bar Ao, and beer hall B) in February 2020, we will add patisserie ease, restaurant Neki, beer bar Omnipollo, and other restaurants. A pastry shop “ease”, a restaurant “Neki”, a beer bar “Omnipollo”, a wine store “Human Nature”, and a coffee stand “SR” were established in Kabuto-cho. This movement is part of the “Kabutocho Project” that Heiwa Real Estate, the owner of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has been promoting since 2017.

Kabutocho Project

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Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

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Media Surf Communications inc.

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