“Keshiki” (otherwise known as “scenery” or “landscape” in English) is a situation in which several different elements exist within a single frame to create a new and unique perspective. Take, for example, Mt. Fuji, a lake, a forest, and a blue sky: when these separate elements are all placed together within a single frame, a moment is captured, one unique to that time and space.


Keshiki is a project that aims to create a harmonious situation inside a built structure, rather than outside of it. The space consists of a plant shop (MOTH), a pop-up space (Tangible Studio), a restaurant, a multipurpose space (AA), and an office. These individual contents, with their differing functions, are constantly working to create unique situations that are shared between the space and its inhabitants.


We at Media Surf have always believed that the perspective in which we view things outweighs the thing itself. We view things from a variety of unique and diverse perspectives, inputting them into our creative process to develop meaningful moments.
We believe that when small, independent, and meaningful cultural contents gather together, they can create a sum greater than its parts. “Keshiki” is a physical space located in Kabuto-cho, Nihombashi, that embodies this very concept.
“Keshiki” is a framework, a platform that champions content and ideas. However, the most important aspect of the space is not the structure itself, but the people and contents within the space. We hope the environment allows for the free movement of ideas and contents and that the space itself responds to any situation, changing its shape and layout to encourage new forms of creativity.
As people, contents, and situations intertwine, we aim to create a landscape that lives only in that moment. A moment that can only be experienced in person. A moment that goes beyond the confines of social media. A moment that can only be felt.

Rental Details

The multipurpose space “AA (アー/あー)” located on the basement floor is available for rent.

Usage fees (tax inclusive)

*Hourly usage (tax inclusive, available from 8:00-18:00) *minimum usage 2 hours
¥33,000 per hour

Additionally, the adjacent meeting room can also be rented for ¥11,000 per hour

*1 day (tax inclusive available from 8:00-18:00)
¥220,000 per day

*1 week (tax inclusive)
1,540,000 per week

*1 month (tax inclusive)
6,160,000 per month

*A 20% surcharge fee will be applied for rentals that take place on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, or those outside of normal hours.
*Out-of-hours usage is negotiable upon consultation.
*Rental hours include loading-in and loading-out times.

Available hours

Weekdays: 8:00-18:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays: 8:00-18:00

*Out-of-hours usage is negotiable upon consultation.


Area: 137m2
Ceiling height: 3,000mm


Optimal capacity / Seated: 60 persons
Maximum capacity / Standing: 110 persons


Keshiki B1F – 1F, 6–5 Nihombashi Kabutocho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0026 Japan
Google Map
A 2-minute walk from Exit 11 of “Kayabacho Station” (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
A 5-minute walk from Exit D2 of “Nihombashi Station” (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)

*On-site parking is unavailable
*Please use the nearby coin-operated parking lots

For all inquiries, please contact:


Project Owner

Media Surf Communications Inc.

Space Design

Masashi Jimbo


Works Works Inc.

Acoustic Design


Planting / MOTH partner

Yard Works Inc.

Furniture Design

Joakim Nyström

Keshiki Logo Design

Shinpei Onishi

MOTH Logo Design

Ryosuke Yokoe

Tangible Studio Logo Design

Desmond Arsan

AA Logo Design

Kotaro Hosono



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